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Managing all your passwords from a single place has never been easier with sticky password premium –the best password manager

Sticky Password Premium is a password manager specialized in storing multiple passwords in a single and encrypted database. It comes with support for automatic login to websites and applications, data importing options from browsers and other password managers, automatic recognition and saving mode of new#696969 web accounts, password generator, as well as a dashboard with all your weak passwords so that you know where you need to increase security.

Sticky Password Premium can also act as form filler and automatically completes registration forms and online shopping cart data. It is able to automatically create identities based on the form data that you type in, such as name, address and payment. Once you create multiple identities, you are just one click away from using them to fill in forms automatically.

Its key features are strong security with AES-256 encryption algorithm, one password to remember, and password synchronization across all your devices. In addition, you may create secure memos and store all your bookmarks from your favorite web browsers in a single place. The utility supports all platforms, namely Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, while allowing you to use biometric authentication on mobile devices equipped with fingerprint scanning capabilities.

Sticky Password manager gives you a full set of features on both mobile and desktop platforms, cloud backup and smooth cloud syncing across multiple devices. It also includes the option of syncing your devices within the confines of your home local network, making sure none of your data escapes to the internet.

The intuitive user interface makes Sticky Password a good choice for password-manager novices and tech-savvy users alike. It also has a true two-factor authentication. Sticky Password's option of a one- time payment for a lifetime license, instead of recurring yearly subscription fees, is appealing.

Stop forgetting passwords, and login automatically!

Sticky Password lifetime license /1 PC

$ 149.99

with one year software support

Sticky Password 2 lifetime license /2 PC

$ 299.99

with two year software support

Sticky Password 3 lifetime license /3 PC

$ 449.99

with three year software support

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