1. What is Codered Tech Support all about?

Codered Tech Support is a remote computer support company catering to technology-driven needs of computer users all over the world.

2. Why should I choose Codered Tech Support?

We can answer in just one sentence: "To experience one of the best supports." To experience it yourself, speak to A Codered Tech Support support specialist now.

3. Are you 24×7 available?

Yes, all our service centres work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us anytime for instant solutions to any of your computer tech requirements. We will take you through each and every step of resolving your computer problems anytime day or night.

4. How can I subscribe for Codered Tech Support?

You can subscribe to us from anywhere anytime via the company's website http://www.Codered Tech Support.com In order to subscribe to us over phone, dial our toll free number or browse through our Contact Us section and fill your details for us to reach you.

5. What methods of payment can I use?

Codered Tech Support Support accepts major credit cards both online and over the phone. So either use your credit card or PayPal balance.

6. How do I cancel / arrange for a refund?

We at Codered Tech Support have a one-call refund policy. You may request for a refund upon cancelling your subscription within 15 days of purchase of your subscription. Once we receive a request refunds are processed within 7-10 business days answer typically takes another 3-5 days to be credited to your credit card.

Below mentioned charges would be applicable for processing all refunds.

I. If cancelled within 24 hours of your purchase no cancellation charges would be applicable. If a licensed version of anti-virus was installed on your system (desktop / laptop), a standard fee of anti-virus, 59.99 local currencies, would be deducted.

II. If cancelled within 7 days of purchase of your subscription a cancellation charge equivalent to 25% of your subscription value would be deducted.

III. If cancelled within 15 days of purchase of your subscription; a cancellation charge equivalent to 50% of your subscription value would be deducted.

IV. . If cancelled after 15 days no refund would be applicable

V. If a licensed version of anti-virus was installed on your system desktop laptop, a standard fee of anti-virus, 59.99 local currencies, would be deducted in all cases.

7. How to request for a refund?

Refunds are only processed after receiving a request via email from the registered email address in our records. Please send your email to info@Codered Tech Support.com. We do not process requests over chat and phone. Terms which may void the refund request are: I. If a licensed version of anti-virus was installed on your system (desktop/laptop) and you are requesting for a refund for charges which you paid for the anti-virus. II. If you have used technical support services on two or more instances. III. If you are requesting for a refund from an email address which isn't the registered email address. IV. If you are requesting for a refund to a credit card which wasn't the same as the one which you used to process payment while placing an order for your subscription. V. If you have placed a request by any medium besides email. .

8. What computer brands can Codered Tech Support help me with?

Yes, we provide support for all Microsoft® Windows® platform and applications no matter which computer brand you are using and where you purchased your computer from.

9. What general procedure an Codered Tech Support technician takes to resolve the error?

The moment you subscribe with us, you are transferred to our tech support technician who provides you with an understandable and the most accurate explanation about your computer issues over the phone or via remote support. After the computer diagnosis is completed, the technician rectifies the error using linear and logical troubleshooting methods and procedures.

10. Is remote computer support better than more traditional support options?

With remote support services, you don't need to struggle through the troubleshooting procedures. The technician completes the work all by himself and just asks you to restart your machine at the end. Also, the process is much convenient as it eliminates a need for you to haul your computer to any local computer repair shop. Since remote support helps us to offer you instant solutions, you won't have to be stuck without a computer over the weekend or during a holiday. So, it saves you time and money.

11. Can you render me more details about your remote computer support? Remote computer support involves a 'remote desktop connection' which lets us view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network errors over the Internet. After you subscribe with us, you allow our computer technician view and interact with your computer remotely through the Internet. Indeed, you watch the whole troubleshooting process going on your screen.

12. Do you provide money back guarantee?

Yes we do, at Codered Tech Support the customer satisfaction holds the prime importance for us; to an extent that all our plans and policies center on it. And quality of the services plays a significant role in ensuring the same, since this is our USP that makes customers come to us again and again. Therefore, our technicians take utmost care to maintain quality of work at every level

13. Is it easy and secure to use?

Certainly! Codered Tech Support Remote Support is a 100% secured mode of getting instant help, and you have complete control over the support session at all times. Our technician can access your computer screen only after with permission, and if you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can simply disconnect / close the session in one click.

14. What kind of computer support services can I expect from Codered Tech Support?

Instant Help with your Computer Problems 24/7 365 days instant access, Safe Secure and Effective, premium tech support with highest resolution rate in the industry, Figure out the problem affecting your device and get the best solution Set-up & Install Computer Optimization Virus Removal Diagnosis & Repair

Instant support from Codered Tech Support

Our Guarantee

  • 95% Customer Satisfaction
  • First time resolve by Expert Technicians
  • 1 hour response time Guarantee
  • 24 hour resolution time Guarantee
  • We deliver proven technology solutions with tireless customer service

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